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Ten For Tuesday – Edition 2

Ten for Tuesday

Based on the warm response received from the initial launch of our newest feature  Ten for Tuesday  last week,  this weekly showcase of talented photographers will continue. Today’s group of photographers come from a wide range of photographic disciplines, from the amazing wedding photography, automotive photography, pet photography and more.

A heart felt thank you to the readers who have suggested these wonderful photography websites. While I spend a great deal of time researching numerous photographers each week, it is especially helpful when readers suggest a website. Keep up the contributions as I will try to showcase as many photographers as I can.


lenscratch_front page

“LENSCRATCH is a daily journal that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community. Created in 2007, Aline Smithson set a goal of writing about a different photographer each day, presenting work in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of a photographer’s intent and vision… read more


facehunter_front page


“Yvan Rodic also known as Face Hunter was Born in Vevey, a French-speaking part of Switzerland. Rodic (1977-) studied Communication at Polycom Lausanne before taking on copy writing stints for Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi in Geneva, Brussels and Paris. A born trend-spotter with a natural eye for photography, it was not long before he combined writing for magazines with snapping pictures of people at art events in his then home, Paris. In February 2006, almost casually, he began posting the results online: and just like that, Face Hunter was born… read more

Junebug Weddings


“As one of the world’s most popular online wedding planning resources, Junebug Weddings is well-known for editorial excellence, showcasing phenomenal photography, and providing the most trusted list of recommended wedding professionals found anywhere in the world. Dedicated to helping couples plan the wedding they’ve always dreamed of, we encourage our readers to find and celebrate their own personal wedding style. On top of all of these great things, we are a group of fun, outgoing, artistic, and passionate individuals striving to make Junebug better with each day that passes… read more

Randy Wells | Automotive Photojournalist


“Randy Wells has photographed on every continent and in every U.S. state. He’s logged more than a million miles on the road capturing America and its car collections in words and pictures.

His work has appeared in over 30,000 venues worldwide, including covers for National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor Photographer, Sunset, Excellence, and Panorama magazines. His clients include American Express, AT&T, BMW, Boeing, CNN, Daimler AG, Ford, Heineken, IBM, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, Porsche, and every major airline, hotel and cruise line.

Randy has the unique privilege of photographing and writing today about some of the world’s greatest cars for advertising agencies, graphic designers, magazines, private collectors, and auction houses… read more


fogdog photo blog

“I am an amateur photographer, writer, wanderer and dreamer who found his way to the Northern California coast, quite unexpectedly, after living in the desert for three decades. I make my living in marketing and advertising.

I enjoy making photographs and tinkering around with old cameras. The more mechanical, the better.  

I also like old cameras and using film because everything moves very fast in my world and using these old cameras slows me down. I enjoy that… read more

Paris Through My Lens

paris through my lens

“I fell in love with Paris in March 2007. It was as the French say, le coup de foudre : love at first sight. As a result of that trip, my photography took another direction. Since that time I have pursued a career of sorts in photography and dreamed of returning to the City of Light. November 2008 found me strolling the streets of Paris once again. My first visit I was so overwhelmed with the incredible beauty of the city, I photographed it as a “tourist”. In 2008… read more

Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer – Robert Valenzuela

beverly hills wedding photographer

“Roberto Valenzuela is a photographer sponsored by Canon USA and thus a member of the Canon Explorer of Light program. He has been an International first place winner three times and has been recognized by his peers as one of the ten most influential photographers and educators in the world. He has earned over 100 International awards for his wedding and portrait photography. Roberto was named Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the World…read more

Lauren B Photography

lauren b photography

“My name is Lauren, but I go by Laurie. I fell for photography in my high school dark room and knew it would always be a part of my life.  After discovering my passion could translate into a big girl job, I launched lauren b. photography in 2007.  There’s no other job I’m meant to have.  I love capturing your moments to preserve for a lifetime.  I try to focus on what really matters. Real life is perfect enough.”

Jorge Parra Photography

jorge parra photography

“My creative vision has evolved with a blend of elegance and sensuality, combined with my love for bold design, to create images which tell stories that range from the seemingly mundane to the abstract and conceptual, for the Advertising and Leisure/Luxury markets. 

Even though I usually photograph relevant men in the arts, sports, celebrity/entertainment and business, executive/corporate environments, I spend most of my time working with women.

I photograph women for fashion & beauty editorial advertising projects, … read more

A Dog Photographer | Hannele Lahti

a dog photographer

“My journey with dogs began with Annie, my intensely brave and loving Boston terrier rescue, followed shortly after by her adopted brothers Murray and Ollie, who are just as full of life. This wild trio keeps me laughing and from taking life too seriously. They also brought about my passion for matching the click of a camera with the wagging tail of a happy dog … read more

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  1. I wonder who in Fornarina thought it was a good idea to get her involved? I seriously cringed when watching this. I thought she was cute circa mean girls but now just looks like strung out and weighed down with a LOT of issues. I guess if i had Michael and Dina Lohan for parents I’d be doing copious amount of drugs too.

  2. I also have a neos with probably 2k rounds (all federal bargain ammo w/ no problems) through it and not a single problem. I wasn't thrilled by the space-gun look, and I wish they would have put the mag release in a reasonable spot, but other than that this pistol seems very solid. I've actually had fewer problems out of it than with my MkII.

  3. Ihh jeg har kikket pÃ¥ Bobble i lang tid – synes de er sÃ¥ pæne og samtidig sunde og alt muligt – WIN WIN! Da jeg sÃ¥ pÃ¥ din fb at der var konkurrence sÃ¥ er jeg selvfølgelig pÃ¥!! Krydser arme og ben!

  4. PR Intern, I had a similar reaction. It's out of keeping with Sailer's "voice" (like Dave Barry writing as precise craftsman rather than regular guy).Jason Malloy on the fertility's correlation with education/IQ and wealth among men .

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  6. Just read this–wonderful post, as always, and love the flow of the writing, ending in a sense of of calmness, restfulness–just being where you want to be with a brighter future on its way. Finally. Love the pics–especially the last portrait of you and Nellie. And I’m looking forward to your book!

  7. Hola! El prox año me instalo un año en NZ y luego pienso hacer sudeste asiatico 4 o 6 meses, lo que de el presupuesto.. Tu blog es genial, tenes mucha data interesante y me super entusiasmo… Por muchos viajes mas!

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  28. Bill, I could not help but feel the same way as the last 16 days flashed before my eyes. I feel like Rio is going to bring about a wave of change even the IOC can’t stifle. New blood is needed at the top of the IOC, that can realign with the Olympic ideals and truly reignite the celebration of humanity. Propel forward rooted in antiquity while progressive and inclusive in modernity.

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  42. Oh, my god I totally hear you! And why is it, that while my bf was gone for two months on a work thing I was super perfect about pill-popping every day, but now that he’s been back in town for three days and sex is a regular occurrence once again… guess who missed her pill this morning (luckily, I remembered about 6 hours later, which hopefully – isn’t the end of the world). This is a No Baby Zone.

  43. Yes.The chase is important, but after awhile it just gets annoying and gives the impression that the girl has issues.. (which of course she does because she is a girl) but women should do what they can to hide that fact.

  44. The pinny is so wonderful, so evocative, Vix!My house when I was a child, was filled with those hand-painted jewellery boxes and fragile display shelves – All of which my parents had brought back from Aden in the early Sixties!I wonder where they all went? Such memories, thank you, Vix! What treasure! xxx

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  48. I’m so jealous!! My moms a librarian and since we’re from CT she’s going to be going to BEA but only on Friday! She and I both really wanted her to meet you (We’re both sitting on pins and needles waiting for Fire!!) Good Luck there are going to be SO many people there!

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  60. I mostly enjoyed Moar because it was a foil to Mack’s side. I like having a central character especially when it seems that they are on the opposite ends of it. Other characters POVs might seem too convoluted because of the sheer number of it. The OTs seemed like the perfect thing for POVs since it introduced other characters that added different points of views on certain things. I just like Jamie as a central character because of his major differences between him and Mack. I get different views and different events but still know who is the main character.

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  75. Re. the Holocaust Museum shooter, it turns out that he had links, however tenuous, to the BNP, via the now defunct AFBNP (American Friends of the BNP), which, in turn, was linked to other U.S. white supremacist organisations (there are photographs of Nick Griffin alongside Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen "Don" Black, for example, which shows the kind of company he kept when he was in America on his fundraising tour and speaking to AFBNP meetings):

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