time lapse photography

Time Lapse Photography – Ryan Chylinski

Download eBook $212017 edition: Time lapse photography Step-by-step. Completely updated for 2017. Learn time lapse with 350+ easy to understand examples, workflows, walkthroughs and diagrams covering intro and advanced¬†topics. Its been said that photography takes an instant out of time and holds life still.¬†Time lapse photography collects those instants and ignites life with incredible motion […]

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iphone photography

Art with an iPhone: Photographer’s Guide to Creating Altered Realities

Art With An iPhone is a newly released photographer’s guide from photographer and author Kat Sloma, which takes on a tour of the unlimited photographic possibilities with the iPhone. Learn how to take stunning photographs with step by step tutorials in mastering your smartphone camera and using many popular photography apps. iPhone boasts a powerful […]

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