google clip camera

Google Clips Finally Ships

Back in October, Google unveiled a new camera: Google Clips, a small photographic device which uses artificial intelligence to take the right picture when it sees something it feels is interesting. While Google hasn’t said much about the device, word came out today it began selling it today. Clips costs $249 and includes free shipping. Google appears […]

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drone photography

Top Rated Photography Drones

After numerous hours of research, we have finally put together the Top Rated Photography Drones for your review. For photographers from all walks of life – these multi-rotor photography drones are specifically designed with versatile capabilities to provide agile views from the sky and to capture visually stunning aerial imagery. Have a bird’s-eye view with […]

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Best Camera Bags for 2018 – Fashion and Fun

Best Camera Bags Are Functional, Fashionable and Fun Great looking, best camera bags are not only awesome to have, they are more affordable than ever before. With so many companies jumping into market, the selection of amazing camera bags has never been greater. Just like laptop bags, the types of cameras bags are available from […]

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